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If for some reason you have a bad experience at one of our laundromats- PLEASE let us know, we want you to be happy and we will try to fix it! Our whole goal is for you to be happy with our service, but there are a few things we need you to know: 

  1. Since this is a self service facility, we are NOT responsible for your clothes

  2. Our attendants clean the washers and dryers daily multiple times a day, but please ALWAYS check the machine before you use it!

  3. We are not responsible for damaged clothes.

  4. Please stay with your laundry from start to finish- we are not responsible for any lost items

  5. Please use only a small amount of soap in our front load machines- they are high efficiency and a little but goes a long way!

  6. Place tide pods directly into the washers (not into soap trays)

  7. We recommend that you wash blankets only in size appropriate machines- mostly the 4, 6, or 8 load.

  8. Please try to keep the place tidy and pick up your dryer sheets off the floor so someone doesn't slip and fall!

  9. Please don't let kids climb on top the folding tables- we want them to be safe!

  10. And lastly, please give us feedback whether you had a good or bad experience- it's the only way we can get better!

We can't thank you enough for your business and loyalty!

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